Continental Invests in Motovis Intelligent Technologies to Join Hands in Developing Level 2 to 4 Autonomous Mobility Solution


13th June 2022, Shanghai, Technology company Continental has entered a partnership with Motovis Intelligent Technologies, focusing on jointly developing an autonomous mobility solution to commercialize implementation of level 2 to 4 Autonomous mobility technologies on a large scale. The aim of the partnership it to work together to drive a better future of mobility with intelligent technology.


Motovis and Continental jointly develop and promote a cost-effective autonomous mobility solution adapted for China's road scenes. The new system solution convinces with versatility, affordable price, low power consumption and high safety and is suitable for all types of passenger cars from low-cost to high-end models. Thus, the solution supports mainstream computing chip platforms while being able to scale and apply advanced differentiation functions for higher levels of automated mobility. The system is expected to be used on models from Chinese passenger car OEMs for mass-production by 2023. The scalable system solution will deliver better and faster services to local markets and customers.


Bruce Wang, co-founder and COO of Motovis, said: “Since its inception, Motovis has always been committed to independent innovation and open cooperation. And we are honored to work closely with Continental to develop and launch autonomous mobility solutions, and promote technology innovation, commercial application as well as mass production in the field of autonomous mobility, to deliver smarter and better travel experience to each vehicle and individual."

Yu Zhenghua, founder and CEO of Motovis, said: “

As a pioneer of autonomous mobility, Continental is a strategic partner of Motovis. Our successful long-term partnership has laid a solid foundation for the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides, sharing strong complementary advantages, will engage in deep collaboration.  We look forward to working closely with Continental to accelerate the R&D process and jointly create an open ecosystem and data platform."

Yun Luo,Head of Continental Autonomous Mobility Market China,said: “It's a great pleasure to engage in deep collaboration with Motovis, a leading international provider of innovative full-stack algorithm software, in the field of autonomous mobility technology. Continental's expertise and portfolio of autonomous driving solutions, combined with Motovis's multiple chip platform capabilities, will advance the development of system solutions fitted to the Chinese market. I feel proud to say that being in the forefront of automotive intelligent technology, Continental Autonomous Mobility Business Area China has always stayed committed to the development strategy of being ‘in the market, for the market', further expanding its partnership network to build upon an industry ecosystem."

Frank Petznick, Head of Continental Autonomous Mobility Business Area, commented: "As one of the global leaders in autonomous driving, we are strengthening our investment in the Chinese market, increasing our local R&D capabilities, and capitalizing on the Chinese power of innovation to accelerate the Business Area’s global R&D effort in advancing intelligent driving technology. With a transparent approach, an open-minded attitude and a flexible and innovative management, we seek suitable partners in the industry to join our ecosystem to develop cost-efficient solutions together, optimize and upgrade the industrial structure as well as realize effective and efficient market implementation and mass production. As an outstanding domestic startup, Motovis has a team of highly efficient technical specialists with fast and responsive software development capabilities. The joint R&D effort between the two sides will enable agile iterations of functionality and speed up the mass production of intelligent solutions for autonomous driving."

Continental's strategy to strengthen local cooperation within the ecosystem has accelerated its local R&D process and reduced time for technology development, allowing it to meet market demand faster and more efficiently. Through this partnership, and on the basis of transparent and open technical exchanges, the two sides seek to jointly build a cooperation platform featuring complementary advantages and win-win cooperation for future mobility solutions.

About Continental:

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Continental commenced its business in China in 1994 and has served major automobile manufacturers in various automobile market segments in China.  At the same time, we also develop and produce materials, functional components, parts and systems for a wide range of applications in rail transit, machinery, engineering, mining and other important industrial sectors.  So far, Continental has expanded its presence in 25 production locations and 28 R&D centers, with a workforce of about 16,500 in China, to provide customized solutions for the Chinese market.

Autonomous driving is currently the fastest growing area in the automotive industry. With more than two decades of experience in the development of driver assistance systems, Continental Group aspires to be a driving force behind the development momentum of China's intelligent driving industry.

Achieving a high level of localization is at the core value of the development strategy for Continental Autonomous Mobility Business Area. We are bringing in the latest global technology while capitalizing on the Chinese power of innovation to accelerate the division's global R&D efforts in advancing intelligent driving technology. We are committed to delivering advanced performance, high quality autonomous driving solutions that are actionable for the Chinese market.

About Motovis

Motovis is an innovative technology company that develops advanced AI embedded on automotive chips to provide autonomous driving products and solutions. Motovis has successfully deployed full-stack autonomous mobility software and hardware systems, including parking + cruising, in-cabin + out-cabin, forward-camera + surround-camera, and standardized + customized. Motovis optimizes AI algorithms to run efficiently on various mainstream semi-conductor platforms. The solutions incorporate precise environmental perception and vehicle localization, multi-sensor fusion, path planning, and vehicle control to achieve different levels of autonomous driving. Motovis products are developed in accordance with automotive engineering standards and mass produced for both passenger and commercial vehicles.