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Motovis is an innovative technology company that develops advanced AI embedded on automotive chips to provide autonomous driving products and solutions. Motovis has successfully deployed full-stack autonomous driving software and hardware systems, including parking + cruising, in-cabin + out-cabin, forward-camera + surround-camera, and standardized + customized. Motovis optimizes AI algorithms to run efficiently on various mainstream semi-conductor platforms. The solutions incorporate precise environmental perception and vehicle localization, multi-sensor fusion, path planning, and vehicle control to achieve different levels of autonomous driving. Motovis products are developed in accordance with automotive engineering standards and mass produced for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Company Timeline



2021-8MOTOVIS and XILINX Introduce Complete Hardware and Software Solution to Further Automotive Forward Camera Innovation

2021-8Awarded “Top 50 Automotive Technology Enterprises in China” in the 4th KPMG

2021-7Listed in “Top100 Chinese AI Enterprises in Potential of Landing Scale in 2021” by WAIC 2021

2021-6Completed a round of B financing of hundreds of millions RMB to accelerate the mass production of autonomous driving product

2021-5Achieved a strategic cooperation with Xilinx to jointly promote the mass production of automotive-grade autonomous driving systems

2021-3Obtained Guangzhou Automobile Group

2021-3Launched a new generation of 360 multi-function full-stack AI + intelligent active safety all-in-one solution


2020-12Won the "Top 12 Intelligent Driving" in the "Top 100 Core Components of China's Electric Vehicles in 2020"

2020-10Algorithm Director Zhang Rugao was awarded the title of "2020 Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Senior Engineer" (totally 28 in Shanghai)

2020-8“AI+Intelligent Driving Solution”was awarded the "2020 China Automotive Active Safety "Golden Shield Award" and "Innovation Award" by China Electronics Information Expo

2020-7“M-shield active safety defense system” has been applied in public transportation groups in multiple first-tier metropolises

2020-6Obtained Commercial Vehicle OEM customer Valin nomination on ADAS proejct

2020-6Obtained Passenger Vehicle OEM customer Geely nomination on Remote Parking Assist(RPA) project

2020-5Completed a round of A2 financing of 100 million RMB

2020-5Launched Full-Stack AI vehicle-mounted edge calculation scheme, which was adopted by many front-line vehicle OEMs

2020-5Obtained the OEM of Shaanxi Automobile Group

2020-1Cooperated with Chengdu Huati to develop and launch autonomous driving and vehicle-road collaboration systems


2019-8Displayed in the unmanned driving exhibition area of the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence conference

2019-7Won 2019 "AI+ automobile best commercial growth award" by CCF-GAIR

2019-7The paper from Algorithm team was accepted by top machine learning conference ICML

2019-4Won the title of " 2019 BMW open innovation selected company"

2019-4Reached a strategic cooperation with ZTE to jointly promote the development of 5G autonomous driving

2019-4Passed the JT/T 1242-2019 automatic emergency braking system standard test of the ministry of Transportation of China

2019-2Identified as a national high-tech enterprise

2019-1Awarded "annual domestic passenger car ADAS solution provider" and "annual autonomous driving and ADAS innovative products" by GGAI


2018-9Awarded the title of “Top 50 Enterprises with Most Investment Value in China” in the Annual New Bud List of 2018

2018-7Awarded "Best Product Growth Award of AI+ Intelligent Driving" at CCF-GAIR

2018-7Awarded "Annual New Enterprise Award for Commercial Vehicle ADAS" by GGAI

2018-6Published 2 academic papers at CVPR, a top academic conference in computer vision

2018-6Product entered mass production in domestic passenger vehicles

2018-4Awarded “Artificial Intelligence Project Most Conspicuous to Media” in the Sixth China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair

2018-1Awarded "Annual Golden Ball Award" by GGAI


2017-11The second generation of automotive-grade ADAS products was successfully developed using world-leading pixel-level scene understanding technology.

2017-9September 2017 Our products successfully entered multiple first-tier auto OEMs in China

2017-7July 2017 Selected into Bosch-PNP AI in Auto Acceleration Camp

2017-5May 2017 Ranked the first in the world in international CITYSCAPES evaluation for autonomous driving with pixel-level scene understanding

2017-5May 2017 Ranked the first in the world in car category of Kitti Object Detection evaluation


2016-11China’s first automotive-grade ADAS product based on deep learning was successfully developed.


2015-8Motovis was founded.

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